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Power Hitter 15 develops high technology bats, which are made with new-generation and top-quality materials. The Power Hitter 15 training bat has a staff with many years of experience in training hitters. In their time in the baseball environment, they have come across the fact that the lifespan for wooden and aluminum bats aren’t very long. Players and coaches have to spend a lot of money buying new bats because their old ones break or lose their pop. Power Hitter 15 is a long lasting bat, virtually unbreakable that has an appropriate weight for the required training.

It weight is distributed and technically balanced to avoid any bad habit in the swing. Power Hitter 15 is still investigating and innovating in the world of amateur and professional baseball in order to have more products available very soon.


POWERHITTER15 is made with the latest technology in polymer material

  • Digital lathe technology will provide a perfect cut for each bat produced which will ensure all players will enjoy the same exact benefits.
  • The bat is made out of one extremely resistant polymer with exceptional impact strength which guarantees it will defy the highest impacts from batting. The bat will not change its condition with time. It will not wear out with normal use. The polymer used to fabricate Powerhitter15 has high mechanical strength and is resistant to temperature variations up to 160ºF.
  • The impact at the grip to the batter is reduced due to the special features of the polymer material used.
  • One of the Powerhitter15 competitive advantage is its durability. The users will invest in the weighed training bat only once. Its durability will provide a better economic return to the user.

POWERHITTER15 is a weighted training bat made with a patented blend of reinforced polymers.


POWERHITTER15 is made to last forever. It will not crack, break or dent under normal use

  • The bat Powerhitter15 is heavier than a regular bat and perfectly balanced to strengthen the forearms and create a better hand path to the ball.
  • It will make players build powerful hands and wrists, will improve bat Exit Speed and power, and will increase hand-eye coordination.
  • Powerhitter15 has the same appearance of the wood and aluminum bat. It comes in the same sizes (length and barrel width) as the regular bats which will help the players keep the muscle memory during the swing. A One Hand bat size is available for special one hand training.
  • Players can use the Powerhitter15 for variety of training and hitting drills: Live batting practice, soft toss, tee work, One Hand swing and warm up swings.
  • Powerhitter15 can be used on deck without needing to use any additional weight (donut or wrap) which makes warming up more safe because avoids hitting other players by loose objects.

POWERHITTER15 is the only polymer weighted bat ever made in the world.




PH15 will increase Players Exit Speed

EXIT SPEED is a measurement of the speed of the ball as it comes off the bat. It is the result of at least five factors:

  • Bat speed (at contact may not be max.) Bat speed is only indicator of performance that may result in increased exit speed.
  • Pivot speed (at plate – no max.)
  • Adjusted by impact point from the bat (sweet-spot)
  • Bat composition
  • Ball composition
  • Releasing energy at contact point with ball

After three month training with PowerHitter15 weighted Bat, we have measured the following Exit Speed improvement:

    • 45mph  59mph
    • 55mph  68mph
    • 65mph  79mph
    • 70mph  85mph
    • 75mph  89mph
    • 82mph  95mph

PH15 will help you increase and improve your Exit Speed

PowerHitter15 Pro Players

playerph15mb-250x250.jpg playerph15jb-250x250.jpg playerph15cy-250x250.jpg
 Michael Bourn  Jay Bruce

 Chris Young

playerph15pj-250x250.jpg playerph15cg-250x250.jpg playerph15rg-250x250.jpg
 Paul Janish  Carlos Gonzalez  Randall Grichuk
 playerph15aa-250x250.jpg  playerph15ag-250x250.jpg  playerph15ac-250x250.jpg
 Alexi Amarista  Alberto Gonzalez  Alberto Callapso
 playerph15mg-250x250.jpg  playerph15bb-250x250.jpg  playerph15rc-250x250.jpg
 Marwin Gonzalez  Brian Bogusevic  Ronnie Cedeno



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